Joe Brinkmeier

Director of Purchasing

P 855-276-6537 F 855-646-0905

Joe came to Arnold Packaging with more than 25 years of experience in procurement and inventory management. His experience is in manufacturing, steel distribution, construction, and healthcare supply chain management. He obtained his experience at Voest Alpine Services and Technologies, Chesapeake Heavy Machine Services, Mabey Bridge and Shore, Durrett Sheppard Steel, and Ascension Health Services.

He procures and manages the inventory for both the distribution and the manufacturing channels of Arnold Packaging, ensuring that our customers receive the products they need when they need them.  His goal is to make Arnold Packaging a valued partner to all customers, and to ensure they never lose an opportunity because they can’t package their products quickly enough.


Our History

Arnold’s Factory Supplies began in Baltimore in 1933 as a manufacturer of adhesives and inks used for packaging applications. After over 85 years, we have become the most comprehensive company in our industry. We look to the future of manufacturing to discover opportunities for our customers to increase their profitability starting right now.

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