Colin Jesien

VP & General Manager

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Colin’s career path led him straight down the line to the packaging industry, beginning with a degree in Packaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. That early interest led to an expertise in supply chain improvement.

His role at Arnold Packaging is focused on continuing to build world-class teams in the company’s manufacturing, distribution and services areas. This will come through formal training and certifications, plus an encouraging environment where employees can express ideas and initiate process improvement. Colin also ensures that the company has the workforce capacity and physical space to serve customers with quicker quote times, faster turnaround and an extensive inventory.

“I am a customer-first person, whether internal or external,” Colin says. “One of my most influential mentors would always say, ‘It’s all about the people.’ Every year this phrase becomes more relevant to me. The value of our internal team is what will drive continuous improvement within our company, the production of quality products, and excellence in our customer relationships.”

In addition to his degree in Packaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Colin holds a Master in Business Administration degree from Clarkson University.


Our History

Arnold’s Factory Supplies began in Baltimore in 1933 as a manufacturer of adhesives and inks used for packaging applications. After over 85 years, we have become the most comprehensive company in our industry. We look to the future of manufacturing to discover opportunities for our customers to increase their profitability starting right now.

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