An Update on COVID-19 from Mick Arnold

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

It has been an interesting few weeks as the country deals with COVID-19 and tries to decipher what businesses can and cannot do.

I want to make sure I am communicating with you accurately so there is no confusion about our status and our expectations for execution during this time.

Today Governor Hogan ordered non-essential businesses to close in Maryland.

Arnold Packaging, by multiple definitions is an ESSENTIAL business. We have received calls from numerous customers looking for reassurance that we will not only be open and servicing them, but also have contingency plans to ensure supply of packaging materials to support their shipments. For Arnold Packaging that means manufacturing, distribution, transportation, service and automation will be functional and delivering.

Despite a few situations with suppliers in states under shelter in place orders, we have not seen any reduction to either supply. For those suppliers, we had to provide a letter confirming our essential status to confirm supply. Demand in all of our business units remains very strong.

I have personally met with members of all Ops teams each of the last two Mondays to give them status updates on Maryland and Arnold Packaging as well as provide the proper protocols for handling potential exposure to the virus. They were directed to the CDC website for information to review the typical symptoms of the virus. They have been instructed to self-quarantine if there is any concern of infection. We are being vigilant with hand washing, and distancing. We have also increased cleaning and disinfection by our cleaning crews.

To date, we have been functioning normally and keeping up with the heightened demands of our customers.

I want to be very clear that we are open and expect everyone to report for their respective duties every day.

We will get through this and we will do it together but it will require communication.

Never hesitate to contact any member of our team or me personally.

Thank you,

Mick Arnold

Cell: 443-386-1355